MARTIN GORE solo work


Martin in 1998 (picture by Renée Johnson)Martin in 1998Martin in 1984

Martin has released a solo album in 1989 which is called
"Counterfeit E.P."
this album is in fact a cover album of other artists songs that martin likes :

Counterfeit E.P.

here is its tracklisting :
  1. Compulsion
  2. In a manner of speaking
  3. Smile in the crowd
  4. Gone
  5. Never turn your back on Mother Earth
  6. Motherless child

here are the original artists for each song:
Joe Crow
: "Compulsion"
: "In a manner of speaking"
Durutti Column
: "Smile in the crowd"
Comsat Angels
: "Gone"
The Sparks
: "Never turn your back on Mother Earth"
Boney M
: "Motherless Child"

click here to hear this song of Martin's solo project:
Never turn your back on Mother Earth

click here to listen to Counterfeit's midi File


Martin in 1983Martin as a kid, ain't he cute? he he  :)Martin live in 1998